What is Craft Beer? - Odawara Craft Beer Report Vol. 3


What is Craft Beer?

The Japanese craft beer scene is a vibrant place, filled with innovative brewers creating interesting and unique beers. The strength of this scene is amazing when you stop to realize that the craft beer industry did not exist just 30 years ago. By the way, do you know he definition of craft beer? In this blog, we will talk about what craft beer is in Japan and the USA.

The Brewers Association Board defines a craft beer brewer as “a small and independent brewer.” Meanwhile, in Japan, there is no clear definition of craft beer. People in Japan have recognized craft beer as “beers produced at small local breweries, not at major beer manufacturers.” But major beer manufacturers have recently been increasing their presence in the craft beer scene with new products, and even craft beer subsidiaries. So, it might be better to define craft beer these days in Japan as “beers produced with passionate hope of serving better beer of superior quality.”

In any case, drinking craft beer is connected to a greater understanding of craft beer and local breweries. There is no doubt that craft beer has an entertainment aspect, where people can enjoy their local industry and the passion of the breweries. Japan’s craft beer industry has come into its own with various brewers able to compete on a global scale.

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