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Bringing American brews and an everyday craft beer lifestyle to Japan!
Born in Odawara and currently living in the US, shop owner Akira Makabe has a passion for delivering fresh craft beer across the Pacific.
Rodeo Dog's mission is to expand your view of craft beer and to share the fun of taproom culture.


4-minute walk from Odawara Station


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2-5-18 Sakae-cho,
Odawara, Kanagawa

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Perfect for sharing with friends or bringing back home to family. Personal uKeg beer servers are available for purchase!


Our Story


Sharing American Beer Culture


The United States is the undiputed origin of the world's current craft beer culture.
With homebrewing legal for many years, Americans have had time to buil customs and communities around beer.
Our goal is to become your neighborhood craft beer spot, so that we can share this easy-going, American-style beer culture with everyone in town.


Brewed with Excellence in America


Beers at Rodeo Dog arrive direct from some of the best craft breweries in the United States!
You'll also find collaboration brews dreamt up by joint efforts between breweries and Rodeo Dog's owner Akira Makabe.
No matter what, you can know that everything sold at Rodeo Dog has passed our own team's discriminating taste and quality tests.
We are committed to quality beer above all else. All beer is shipped in refrigerated containers and remains chilled through the entire delivery process.


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