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Odawara. The Perfect Spot for Craft Beer.

Odawara Station is a half-hour from Shinjuku Station on the Odakyu Rapid Express, and just 25 minutes from Tokyo Station via the Tokaido Kodama Shinkansen. Odawara initially flourished under the Hojo Clan, who ruled over the area during the Sengoku period (1467–1603). Odawara castle was a key stronghold. After the Edo period, Odawara served as an important stop along the Tokaido Highway that linked Edo (old Tokyo) to Kyoto. Odawara Castle is still popular among tourists.

There is also a harbor in Odawara, Sagami Bay, where fresh seafood is brought into the fishing port every day. Kamaboko (a steamed fish cake) is one of the most popular local specialties. You'll find many shops selling kamaboko and dried fish in the area around Odawara Castle. There are also shops that sell Japanese pickles, wood products, and lacquerware. Odawara is, therefore, a perfect town for tourists and locals to stroll around.

クラフトビール 小田原 craft beer odawara

What comes to your mind when you look out onto the ocean and want something refreshing? Beer! Even if you are in town and trying kamaboko, dried fish, or Japanese pickles on the street... you can’t help but drink beer. Kanagawa prefecture is considered the birthplace of domestic beer in Japan. After the ports of Yokohama and Yokosuka opened, they soon became thriving communities which wanted ready access to beer rather than wait for it to be imported. This is one of the reasons why locals in Kanagawa prefecture have been promoting craft beer with a diverse range of local foods and backgrounds.

クラフトビール 小田原 craft beer odawara

Craft beer is normally locally grown and locally consumed. An increasing number of craft beer pubs are using local water and local ingredients in the brewing process so that the beer goes even better with local foods. This is also a way for the pubs to be creative and set themselves apart. Craft beer pubs become a community for locals and tourists alike, because they are places that respect local culture while also providing great refreshments. The beer encourages you to share stories, talk about beer, and ultimately make friends with others at the pub.

Odawara is a perfect town for craft beer.

For locals, the pub is a place to get together with friends and think about local culture.

For tourists, pubs are a place to enjoy the combination of craft beer and local food, to talk about local history and to enjoy a much-needed drink.

Craft beer makes people rethink local culture and fosters communities where people meet and share history and culture with each other. It is no surprise that craft beer fits in so well in Odawara, the historic seaside town.

So... How about going a little off the beaten path to Odawara to enjoy sightseeing and local craft beer this weekend?

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